What YES Safe Choices is All About

YES is a unique youth leadership program focused on drug and alcohol prevention. We work to educate the young people of our area about the dangers of substance abuse and offer fun and safe activities for families to spend quality time together.

Our events show kids that, despite what they may see or hear in the media or through peer pressure, they can make ‘safe choices’ and still have fun.

Through our youth leadership training program, YES LEADS, we teach our kids about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Each year, YES trains over 500 middle and high school students to serve as positive role models for younger students.
  • These students in turn work with thousands of elementary and middle school students through hands-on presentations and activities to promote safe choices.

Parents are still the most important influence in their child’s life and the strongest factor in drug prevention.

Talking about drugs and alcohol is a tough subject to approach. The YES website offers tips and resources that will help parents with this difficult task.

Together, we can help our kids make safe choices
and strengthen our community!