175 Points Needed for Special End of the School Year Reward!

Pledge Sheet 10
Officer 5
Monthly Meetings 15 each
    If group meets weekly 5 each
    If group meets biweekly 10 each
Community Outreach 15 each
LEADership Committee Meetings 10 each
YES Launch, Winter Event, May Reception 10 each
Presentations 10 each


YES LEADers MUST participate in at least one presentation AND Community Outreach Project in order to be eligible for the Reward.  No substitutes will be accepted.

Terms and Conditions

Points cannot be transfered to other YES LEADers.  YES LEADers are responsible to see their Advisor to redeem Rewards Points.  175 Points are required to qualify for the end of school year reward. All Rewards Points will be collected prior to May 1st.

RSVP Policy:  If a LEADer RSVPs for an event and doesn't attend, and fails to let YES Staff know by phone or email prior to the event, they'll have 25 points deducted.