Tips to Help Teach Caring

Similarly to teaching your children compassion, teaching them to be caring involves making them think of others before themselves and putting themselves in other's shoes.

By using opportunities to show their caring, children can learn the sense of personal gratification that comes with helping others. These opportunities to show care also teach children the value that they have in themselves to others and provide them with great stories to tell their friends and inspire them to care for others too.

Here are some activities you can do together to teach caring:

Make cards for the elderly in a nursing home

Explain to your children that many of these people have families that care about them, but can’t always visit. Also, explain that some of these people never have visitors and can get really lonely. Use these cards as an opportunity for your children to visit the home and meet these people. The residents will be so happy for the company!

Collect canned goods and deliver them to a soup kitchen

Explain that there are families who don’t always have food and the importance of donating goods to a kitchen. They can help you sort the items.


Look for volunteer opportunities that you can do with your children such as helping a senior citizen in your neighborhood with yard work, volunteering at a soup kitchen, donating gifts during holidays, etc. Be sure to talk about what you saw and how they felt while they were showing care towards others.

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