Tips to Help Teach Compassion

Learning to be grateful for the things and the people that surround you can impact your life greatly. Simply giving thanks can change your life. It is essential to instill in your children the significance of gratitude and how important it is to continually appreciate everything they have in their lives.

Here are some ideas for making gratitude a regular habit: 

Make a Gratitude Chain!

  1. Cut long strips of paper in different colors.
  2. Each day have them, or help them, write down something they are thankful for.
  3. Then take your stapler or tape and hook the strips together to form a chain.
  4. Hang it where the family can see it everyday and watch it grow.
  5. On Thanksgiving have each person read what they have written and been thankful for this month.

Make a Thankful Tablecloth!

  1. Find a big tablecloth. A big piece of fabric will work also. Any material should work, but smooth is best. 
  2. On Thanksgiving, trace each person's hand on the table cloth and write in the middle of the hand something they are thankful for and the year.
  3. Each year, on the same cloth, enact the same ritual. Your family will love not only seeing how their hands have grown, but they will love to see what they were thankful for in the past. It can be pretty funny.
  4. Over time it will become an heirloom. You will add grandchildren and in-laws, visitors and memories. 

Make Grateful Hands!

  1. Sit down every Monday and write down 5 things you have each been thankful for that week. We like to write one in each of the fingers, like feathers.
  2. Tape the hands to your kitchen wall so everyone can see them.
  3. Use the hands as a centerpiece for your Turkey Table at Thanksgiving. You could even laminate them after the holiday and post all the old ones each year as your children grow.

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